Excellent Direct-to-Garment Embroidery

In 2021, KNUCKLEHEAD EMBROIDERY & SCREEN PRINTING’s Embroidery Division celebrated its 27th anniversary. The early years were not easy, but the owners persevered and learned everything they could about direct-to-garment embroidery. Every minute not spent at IBM was spent embroidering everything they could get their hands on – blankets, caps, dress shirts, pique polos, and everything in between. Many needles were broken; many garments were damaged. But, nothing left the basement unless it was perfect.
Only machine time can build that kind of experience. As the two founders of KNUCKLEHEAD EMBROIDERY & SCREEN PRINTING experimented, designed, and perfected the process, they became embroidery experts. Now, they are committed to fulfilling every order with the same commitment they founded the company with 27 plus years ago.

Our Embroidery Division uses state-of-the-art Melco embroidery systems – multi-head and single-head machines – to produce top-quality embroidery. About 6 to 6,000 pieces are fulfilled in our new facility that also houses our screen printing division. Our team of embroidery and screen print experts work closely together, ensuring each garment is perfect before leaving the facility.